1. Manage college application counseling cases assigned (up to 15 cases per year)

- Craft long-term strategies for counseling students to tackle all the elements of college

- applications: academics, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations.

- Supervise students to complete all the related documents. Brainstorm, review, and comment on students’ essay drafts

2. Manage students in our Profile Coaching programs

- Provide 1-on-1 mentoring for high school students throughout the year to help them discover their interests, passions, as well as keep them on track with school academics and activities

3. Initiate and manage new initiatives such as test-prep courses or coaching class

- We encourage our counselors to take on new initiatives, such as designing a new class or our Skills Development program

(a 10-session course aimed at equipping ourstudents with skill sets and knowledge in the areas like Engineering, CS, Finance,Investment)

What We Look For

● Have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from top 60 universities in the US or top 30 liberal

arts colleges, or top universities that are highly regarded in Asia.

● Be familiar with the current US college admissions process.

● Be passionate about life coaching and personal development.

● Had experience in taking initiatives within organizations or his/her own projects in the past so

that the candidate is able to relate to the students.

● Be an excellent writer and a writing coach.

● (Special consideration) Have some experience working with high school students.

● (Special consideration) Have previous experience working for elite college admissions.