Full time ผ่านหลักสูตร Alevel or IBDP ในระดับมัธยม และจบการศึกษาจากมหาลัยชั้นนำในไทยหรือต่างประเทศและมีประสบการณ์สอนข้อสอบ inter อย่างน้อย 3 ปี

- Teacher - Math 1 position (A-level Math (Pure math, mechanics, statistics and probability), IB Math SL & HL, AP Calculus)

- Teacher - Physics = 1 position (A-level Physics, IB Physics SL & HL, AP Physics, CU-ATS Physics)

- Teacher - Chem = 1 position (A-level Chemistry, IB Chemistry & AP Chemistry, CU-ATS Chemistry)


- Teacher - Strategic Advisors 3 position (มีประสบการณ์แนะแนวสายแพทย์มาก่อน คะแนน IELTS 7.0 ขึ้นไป (ต้องตรวจพอร์ต ตรวจภาษาได้)

- Teacher -Economics 2 position (IGCSE Economics, A-level Economics and other related Economics subjects)

- Teacher - Com-Sci & Technology 1 position (IGCSE Computer Science, AP Computer Science and other related subjects)

- Teacher - Math 2 position (Pure math, mechanics, statistics and probability, IB Math SL & HL, AP Calculus)

- Teacher - Physics 2 position (A-level Physics, IB Physics SL & HL, AP Physics)

- Teacher - Chem 2 position A-level Chemistry, IB Chemistry & AP Chemistry, CU-ATS Chemistry)

- Teacher - Bio 1 position (A-level Biology, IB SL & HL Biology, AP Biology, BMAT Biology)

- Teacher - English 3 position (IGCSE EFL & ESL, IELTS, SAT, and other related Literature subject)

- Instruct one-on-one class and mini-class depending on requirements of each course
- Advise and create supportive environment to students - Prepare and review materials before the class to deliver accurate content and clear explanation to students
- Be able to adjust teaching method to match with different types of class: one-on-one and mini-class

- Obtained a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in related field
- Teaching experience in international elementary and Secondary curriculum is highly preferable.
- Able to teach IELTS / BMAT / IGCSE / ALevel / IB / AP / CU-ATS or international course
- Experience in teaching children- secondary students is highly preferable.
- Strong passion in teaching and educational career path

What we offer Learn Corp is looking for the right candidates who are passionate in teaching and want to grow in teaching career path. We provide all supports, development and career path for our teachers. So if you want to take teaching job seriously and want to do it for long-term, we are the right place for you! Variable career path in organization Training and development to all teachers Flexible working hours

Location: Siam Piwat Tower (BTS Siam) or MBK Tower (BTS National Stadium)