General Manager (Education Management Company)


  • Plan, direct, supervise, and accountable for business management of BU (Ondemand Tutorial School) and related business.
  • Review and improve organizational effectiveness by developing processes, overseeing employees, establishing a highly motivated work environment, and creating innovative approaches for improvement.
  • Seek out opportunities for expansion and growth by developing new business relationships.
  • Delegate responsibilities to the best employees to perform them while enforcing all policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, training programs, and cultural values.
  • Design strategy and set goals for growth both in revenue generation and social impact.
  • Creating and managing budgets and improving revenue.
  • Analyze the data to construct the business strategy
  • Other duties as assigned by Board of director


  • Bachelor/Master's Degree in business management or related field (MBA is preferred).
  • 5 to 10 years of working experience especially in Executive Management field.
  • Abilities to provide constructive advice, perform logical analytical thinking, and execute efficient and quick problem-solving techniques.
  • Good knowledge of different business functions.
  • Strong communication, presentation, and leadership skill.
  • Location is at MBK Tower (BTS National Stadium)